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Your Salt and Pepper Diamond Questions Answered!

Do you have any Salt and Pepper Diamond questions?

Read on as we answer SIX popular questions about this unique and treasure of a diamond. 

1. Are S&P Diamonds real diamonds?

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are REAL diamonds! They are formed the same way white diamonds are formed. Diamonds are composed of carbon and when carbon is exposed to extremely high temperatures deep within the earth, the mixture of heat with pressure creates diamonds. The difference between a Salt and Pepper Diamond isn't their formation or composition, or diamond validity, but in their visual appearance. 

During formation, diamonds can get exposed to rocks and minerals that leave lasting marks, which are called imperfections. Imperfections are what contribute to the personality of a Salt and Pepper Diamond and are the inclusions that create this geological wonder and its visual difference. But our answer is confident- although they may look different than brilliant white diamonds, these beauties are as real as they get.

2. Are S&P Diamonds durable?

Yes! They score a rockin' 10 (out of 10) on the Mohs Hardness Scale. These stones are ready to take on adventures with you!

3. Are S&P Diamond's valuable?

The Salt and Pepper Diamond ring you select will hold sentimental value that will carry with you throughout your lifetime and into your children's lives for generations and generations. Salt and Pepper Diamonds are a sentimental treasure that will remind your family line of your and yours commitment and love. This value is incomparable. 

Salt and Pepper Diamonds additionally hold value that extends beyond sentimental value. As they are durable and will maintain their lasting unique beauty, and are diamonds, they will hold a good resale value. However, Salt and Pepper Diamonds are not white diamonds. They are usually half the price of a brilliant white diamond and its value compared to a brilliant white diamond will reflect this.  

4. What’s our opinion on S&P Diamonds?

"To me, Salt and Pepper Diamonds are like a tiny masterpiece, one of a kind, a work of art, like a tiny painting inside of a diamond." Melissa Tyson, Goldsmith Jewelry Designer.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are each a work of art! That's our expertise opinion. We love them and we think they are exquisite. Their colorings and inclusions create a dynamic in each stone that makes them beautiful to stare and get lost into. These diamonds take a traditional style and setting and combine it with an edgy, fun twist. You can make Salt and Pepper Diamond rings as wild and artistic as you want by stacking them with other bands to annunciate their glamour. Or, Salt and Pepper Diamonds can be worn as a singular ring beauty as these diamonds have enough presence to be the whole show. 

5. Do S&P Diamonds have a GIA cert?

Salt and Pepper Diamonds do not have a GIA cert. They are not graded by the 4 C's (cut, clarity, color and carat). Instead of gradings, they have their own language to describe them and their characteristics. To learn the language of Salt and Pepper Diamonds, read our blog How to Select Your Salt and Pepper Diamond! 

6. How do I clean my S&P Diamond?

We suggest cleaning your Salt and Pepper Diamond by using mild dish soap, warm water, and a soft toothbrush. It's also a good idea to have a local jeweler check your prongs or bezel setting once a year. When they are checking to make sure the diamond is secure and the setting is in great shape, they usually will do a complimentary steam cleaning. This is like doing a routine oil change on your car, it's a diamond checkup to help maintain your fine jewelry. This technique is the same for all of our diamond rings. 

Interested in Salt and Pepper Diamond rings? We have a wonderful collection of Salt and Pepper Diamonds here on our website. You can also custom design something! We love dreaming with you and seeing your dreams become reality- a sparkly work of art that is yours forever and more.