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Why Choose a Moissanite?

So, are the rumors… true? Can you really find your dream ring that is sparkly, durable AND affordable. 


Let us introduce to you the beloved white gemstore: Moissanite! 

Moissanite is a gemstone made of silicon carbide. Henri Mossan, a French scientist, first discovered Moissanite in 1893 at a meter strike in Arizona. Upon his discoveries, he assumed he had found diamonds; yet his examinations showed that he was holding a stone created of silicon carbide. (And not the single element of carbon which diamonds are created from.) Mossan's mislabeling illustrates how close the two stones resemble each other; yet, we are here to tell you, they are different! 

With a Moissanite, you can purchase a BIGGER stone with a smaller budget- and it can and will be absolutely STUNNING. 

How is this so? 😍

A Moissanite's price difference does not mean they are of lesser quality than diamonds, they are simply a different stone. What is amazing about Moissanite's is they obtain similar characteristics as diamonds, except for the price! (Can we get a whoop whoop!)

A Moissanite is quite the durable stone! It scores a rockin’ 9.25 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, meaning a Moissanite's build is strong and ready to take on the everyday adventure of life with you! A diamond scores a 10 on the scale, making the two both hardy, lasting stones. 

Along with Moissanite’s durability, they are full of sparkle! Moissanite has a double refraction meaning when light hits the stone, light is split into two, giving off that extra pizazz. Diamond’s have a single refraction, creating still a shimmery ring but less light is bouncing around within her. A Moissanite's double refraction magnifies the ooh's and ahh's of her presence.  

Want to know one more ah-may-zing thing? 

Naturally, Moissanites are extremely rare. As this is the case, Moissanites are laboratory created. The benefits of this is Moissanite's are each built to precision while also positively impacting the environment by creating less waste. (Hey Earth, we 💖 ya!)

So... you tell us. What's the final say?!

Here at Melissa Tyson Designs, we want you to be confident and excited about your stone! We believe that Moissanite's are an exquisite stone to choose, one that is lasting in both beauty and radiance.

Stay tuned as we share more info on why we adore Moissanites. Until then, check out some of our best selling Moissanites below. 

Cheers to bringing your love story to life!