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What is Color in a Diamond?

A diamond's grade is calculated from 4 C's: cut, clarity, carat, and color. 

When it comes to color, we know... you've got questions. But have no fear, we've got answers and are here to help!

What is color? 

Color refers to a diamond's natural coloring. Since natural diamonds are formed within the earth, color can occur when trace elements interact during a diamond's carbon formation, creating potential hues of yellow or brown.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grades a diamond's color based on its lack of visible coloring. The absence of color has the highest grading, starting at the grade D.  

How is color graded?

The GIA grades diamonds in a controlled viewing environment that provides a way for color to be measured by a human's trained eye.

Let's look at the GIA color grading chart to explain the different gradings! 


DEF: Most diamonds that are considered to be a fine white color are D,E,or F. This section has the brightest of the whites and also the most expensive. These diamonds have no coloring or tint and are very rare. 

GHI: Diamonds with one of these gradings have a nice, midrange white coloring. These diamonds are not only beautiful, but offer you a less expensive diamond to maximize other characteristics, like carat and clarity. 

Pro Tip: We have a knack for sourcing beautiful i color diamonds that face up whiter than some H colors. Remember they are graded by humans, even though highly trained by GIA the color grading is still subjective to the person grading it! This is why having us see the diamonds for you is so important. 

JKLM: Here, you will start to see warmth in the diamonds. J color diamonds belong here, we don't consider them to be in the near colorless category. The shading in the diamonds becomes more noticeable and warmer, even still, these diamonds have a lovely sparkle. When looking at your budget, choosing a diamond in these colors will allow for a larger diamond for your budget.  

*Pro tip: When you’re setting a warmer color diamond in yellow gold, it can actually mask the color, giving the diamond a whiter appearance than it actually is. But, if you were to set a warmer diamond in platinum or silver, the warmth of the color would be quite noticeable. 

N-X: A diamond in this section will have saturated yellow or brown undertones.  Diamonds with a yellow or brown undertone are still diamonds and quite budget friendly! If this is your preference, a ring with an N-X grade can gorgeously be created with us.



One of Melissa's Favorite Rings...

One of Melissa's favorite anniversary rings she created was a Custom Toi Et Moi Ring meaning You and Me, 20th anniversary ring, if you could only see these diamonds, you would never believe the color on these two stunning diamonds!

2.5ct Brilliant Round color L clarity si1

2.5ct Brilliant Round color N clarity si2

Hey gentlemen... this one's for you!

A lot of times, men approach us to design a ring with their minds made up that they need the highest color and clarity for their bride to be, but in doing so, they sacrifice carat size to accommodate their budget. 

It doesn't have to be this way! 

A diamond doesn’t have to be a perfect, colorless diamond for her to love it. In fact, she may appreciate a bigger diamond with a little more color character. Understanding what she wants in a diamond is a great conversation to explore with the one you love.

So... what color is the "best?"

With all of this information, here is the final word: it's your personal preference! A brighter white diamond doesn't always mean it's more beautiful... it’s a very personal aesthetic taste. And to be honest you may not even be able to differentiate between an F and an H. We give our clients a homework assignment to plan a date night to your local jewelry store and take a look at some different color diamonds, see what you love and it makes it so much easier when you are shopping online with us!

When deciding on a diamond, all of the 4 C's come into play. At the end of the day, it depends on what you want and what your heart is set on. 

Ready for the next step?

Start having conversations with your significant other about what you or your future fiancé want in a diamond ring!

From our trained eyes and 20+ years of experience in finding diamonds and creating diamond rings, our input and expertise is unmatchable. We want you to absolutely love your diamond... that's what brings us joy!

Reach out to us here for your questions and to begin the exciting journey of transforming your diamond dreams into reality!