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What is Carat in a Diamond?

So... you want a big diamond ring? You came to the right place!

Let's chat about things you need to know when considering the carat weight of your dream diamond.

What is Carat?

Did you know that carat is actually used to describe the physical weight of a diamond, not the diamond's size? Factors that determine the carat weight of a diamond include density, shape, and the diamond's formation.

Since carat weight does not equal the size of a diamond, carat weight does not tell how visually big a diamond will look on your finger. To visualize the size of a diamond, it's important to know the diamond's measurements as measurements accurately illustrate how big or small the diamond will look on your hand.

Pro Tip: We give people homework assignments to go into a jewelry store to try on different diamond carat sizes to help discover what you want. When trying on the different sizes, the setting and style may not be your preference, but squint your eyes and hold your hand out to see how the diamond visually looks on you. Don't forget to take pictures!  

Do Shapes and Cuts Make a Difference in Size?

Different diamonds show their size differently. Elongated shapes or pears visibly face up larger as they have less depth to them and their diamond has more surface area coverage on your hand. If you were to compare a 1ct pear to a 1ct round, the pear would look bigger because the diamond covers more space on your hand.

Marquise, oval, and pears look visually bigger on your hand due to more of the diamond showing from the top.

When it comes to cuts, deeper stone cuts (like cushion or radiant cuts) will face up smaller than other stones in the same carat weight.

What does this mean for you? Determine what your favorite shape diamond is and we can help you with the diamond shopping.  

Do you need to get that classic 1ct? 

The most popular carat size is 1ct diamond. Often when considering a solitaire engagement ring, it’s engrained that 1ct is the right size. Not necessarily the case... a 1ct diamond is absolutely breathtaking! And so are carat sizes higher and lower. 

If doing a smaller carat weight diamond is what's best for you, then trust us: it will be absolutely beautiful. There are lots of ways we can emphasize your diamond. (Remember how shapes, cuts, and measurements all play a huge part when it comes to visual appearance. Working with us, we are on your team and will help make your diamond dreams come true.) 

(Psst: the ring below is The Allison, a beautiful .44ct brilliant cut marquise.)

Carat Pricing

Diamonds are absolutely gorgeous and, as one of the most in demand stones for engagement rings, comes their higher price tag. As not all diamonds are the same, the price differs from diamond to diamond, not to mention, the price increases drastically with carat weight. 

A 2ct diamond will increase more than double when compared to the same quality in a 1ct diamond. A 1ct diamond that is internally flawless, perfectly cut and a D in color can be around $20,000 verses an i2, color J, with a good cut diamond in a 1ct could be around $3,500. As you can see, a diamond's price is not just determined by the carat weight. 

(The ring below is our Treasure 2, a 2ct round diamond engagement ring with a hammered band.)

Why work with us? 

For the carat size, we call the diamonds that we like to source "spready," meaning that there is more diamond visible on the surface area than underneath. Many diamonds, depending on their cut, will carry their weight on the underside of the diamond. Who wants that?!

We are always on the lookout for diamonds that appear larger than their carat weight and that will give you the most sparkle! With 20+ years of experience that specialize in searching and finding out-of-this world diamonds, we are committed to you and making your diamond dreams come true.  

Remember the Other C's

Diamonds are graded on carat, cut, color, and clarity. You will pay more for a larger carat size, but it's important to consider the other C's when selecting a diamond to ensure you get what you dream of. (Checkout our other blog posts for more info on cut, color, and clarity!)

What this means is... consider what you want in a diamond. Is the size of your diamond the most important thing to you? Then focus on carat. Or is having a diamond that is eye clean and super sparkly more important? If so, prioritize a diamond with a higher clarity. Do you want the brightest white diamond available? Then focus on color. At the end of the day, your diamond selection is a reflection of your personal aesthetic.

Next Steps! 😍

Have a conversation with your heart and your significant other to determine what's important for you to have in a diamond and also, what you can afford in your budget. 

With years of experience and our cultivated expertise with diamonds, we are here to help you move forward in finding you a diamond to proudly wear! Reach out to us today here!