What Do Salt and Pepper Diamonds Look Like?

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are each one of a kind. From their inclusions, which are their natural color markings, to their coloring, which illuminates either a red, yellow, green or purple all with grey or black undertones, to their clarity, which ranges from translucency to opaqueness. These are unique diamonds and they are each different than the other. 

To help you discover which Salt and Pepper diamond is for you, here is a visual reference of some of our different colored Salt and Pepper Diamonds!

Night Sky | East West Pear Gray Diamond Engagement Ring Hammered Band

Color: Rustic

The Night Sky is a pear gray diamond that is heavenly with a long, rustic pear shape in a lustrous opaque gray that catches the glow in every room. Set as a 2ct east west stone, this is a unique and distinctive ring. 

Greta | Oval Salt and Pepper Gray Diamond Engagement Ring Low Profile Hammered Gold Band

Color: Slightly Translucent

This astonishing 2ct Salt and Pepper Diamond stuns and sparkles with its rose cut dark grey diamond. Set in flat, tab-style prongs so the stone really stands out, it glows warmly when refracted with light from its slight translucency.  

Luna | Salt & Pepper Pear Diamond Thin Delicate Recycled 14k Gold Band Engagement Ring

Color: Galaxy

This dark gray salt and pepper diamond mesmerizes with its highly sought after 2.71ct stone that is highly translucent. It is stippled with dusky gold markings throughout, a kaleidoscope in deep rich tones.  

Kate | Salt & Pepper Diamond Marquise Engagement Ring Delicate

Color: Super Translucent 

The Kate is an Old World opulent elegance at its finest. The magnificent 1.8ct marquise Salt and Pepper Diamond is highly translucent, brilliant as a ball room. 

Snow Days | Oval Icy Light Gray Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

Color: Icy White

This icy light gray 2.4ct stone is breathtaking. Its pale mist blankets the room with a soft glow as the diamond glitters with a powdery glimmer.

Kristin | Champagne Marquise Diamond East West Engagement Ring Hammered 14k Gold

Color: Champagne

The Kristin's .50ct stone is set east-west with a marquise cut champagne diamond that is warm and inviting with glittering clarity. Yes, please!

Honey | 2ct Oval Salt and Pepper Diamond 14k Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Color: Yellow

As warm and alluring as her name, the Honey is captivating with her 2ct oval Salt and Pepper Diamond that glistens from her gray with greenish yellow undertones. 

Red Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Color: Red

The Red Marquise Diamond Ring is a statement maker as she is warm and effervescent with her uncommon, light red color radiating in a 1ct marquise-set, rose cut diamond.

Dory | 3.04ct East West Black Diamond

A breathtaking 3.04ct east west black diamond, the Dory is boldly set with a 4 x 1.25mm flat wide band made with 14k yellow gold. This ring and its coloring is brimming with confidence. Talk about a show stopper!

Sabrina | Elongated Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Pave Diamond Band

Color: Salt and Pepper

A gorgeous elongated hexagon 2.41ct diamond, stunning and highly translucent with unique salt and pepper stippling throughout the stone. Set on a slim, sexy pave diamond band, she is pure romance.

Silver Lining Round 1.8ct Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Hammered Halo Hammered 14k Gold Band

Color: White

The Silver Lining, a 1.8 Salt and Pepper Diamond engagement ring, has tiny pepper markings that are subtle and scattered throughout. Its color varies depending on the light. In natural sunlight, it is a soft white, very brilliant and very sparkly. In indoor light, it is a soft, silvery gray. 

Leaf Gray Diamond Engagement Ring

Color: Green

This rustic beauty features a 2ct exquisite light gray diamond with a light greenish gray coloring. The Leaf is highly shiny and quite beautifully cut in a pear shape.

Salt and Pepper Oval on Pave Diamond Band

Color: Lightly Grey

This pale gray, 1.25ct oval is lovely and light-catching, a snowflake against a white sky. Set in low profile prongs, the stone is set on a slim studded band with pavé diamonds that compliment her crisp coloring. 

Serina | Oval Gray Diamond Engagement Ring Hammered 14k Gold

Color: Medium Gray

The Serina is bold, timeless and full of allure! The immaculate 2ct oval rose cut gray diamond glistens with radiant elegance; its medium gray coloring offers a confident and romantic feel.


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