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What are the Most Popular Salt and Pepper Diamond Rings?

Here are some of the most popular Salt and Pepper Diamond rings!

Each one is different than the other and full of personality! Salt and Pepper Diamond rings are a collision of traditional meeting an alternative style. Each Salt and Pepper ring is an incredible composition, pulling in an organic and rustic style (like their inclusions and coloring) with a classic, brilliant presence (like pave bands and basket settings).

Kate | Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Set

The Kate is a favorite. Its 1.8ct Salt and Pepper Diamond is highly translucent so when you hold this ring in the light, you'll be able to see through its coloring. As a marquise, rose cut, it covers more surface area on your hand which visually creates a larger looking carat. The Kate has a pave diamond band which is effortlessly classy and beautiful.

Misty Morning | Salt and Pepper Gray Diamond Engagement Ring

The Misty Morning has a 1.47ct Salt and Pepper that is cut into an oval shape. Oval's are one of the most classic engagement ring shapes but with a twist as its a Salt and Pepper Diamond. They also cover more surface area on your hand and thus, this stone will look bigger on your hand. It has a hammered band to accentuate its edgy engagement ring style along with its rustic coloring.

Silver Lining Round 1.8ct Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Hammered Halo Hammered 14k Gold Band

The Silver Lining is distinctive for its inclusions and style. It has pepper markings that are scattered throughout its 1.8ct which contributes to the ring's spunk. It is a round, brilliant cut Salt and Pepper Diamond which coincides with a more traditional look as round's are the most popular diamond ring shape. The Silver Lining has a hammered halo, a golden stylistic bonus.

Shaela Elongated Hexagon Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

One look at this ring and its uniqueness is enticing. With a highly translucent 2.11ct Salt and Pepper Diamond, light reflects within and its inclusions, which look like black ink drops, are emphasized. As an elongated hexagon, the Shaela is a "spready" diamond and looks large on your hand. Extra pizzazz can be added to the Shaela with a V shaped or curved wedding band. You can make this ring as bold and elaborate as you desire or keep it more traditional as a solitaire but with the most one of a kind diamond marrying the extremes.

Moab Salt and Pepper Pear | Diamond and Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The Moab is a 1.5ct pear shaped Salt and Pepper Diamond that has beautiful brilliance. Its rose cut provides extra shimmer both in the sun and on cloudy days, thus the Moab constantly carries the wow factor that an engagement ring requires. This ring is built with 14k rose gold that is hammered for texture and detail. This is an amazing pear shaped ring created with our artisan twist.


Dreamscape Salt & Pepper Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

The three tiny white diamonds create a triad, engagement ring moment on both sides of the stone that is enamoring... and are the accents that contribute to the Dreamscape's pop! Well, that and the silvery color of the 2ct Salt and Pepper Diamond which effortlessly offers a dreamy, wondrous feeling. With an elongated pear shape, this ring has just the right presence of personality, beauty, and awe that creates a ring to love forever.  

Galactic Dreams | Black Salt and Pepper Round Diamond Engagement Ring Hammered Halo

The Galactic Dreams ring has a bold and distinctive black coloring. Its 1.2ct Salt and Pepper Diamond sits in a hammered 14k yellow gold halo that contrasts the black color... talk about a dynamic duo! It has a round shape, and with its faceting, it shimmers with every movement on your hand. This ring is different than a normal engagement ring.Though it has a basket setting and round shape,  its coloring is absolutely unique and for the girl who wants to be just that... one of a kind.


So, What Do You Think?

Each Salt and Pepper Diamond ring is different! Some have more bold of a personality while some more closely relate to a white diamond. They all are eco-friendly, have a hardness of a 10, and are half priced (or less) than a white diamond. 

To see more, check out our Salt and Pepper Diamond Collection here! And don't forget... we can always customize a Salt and Pepper Diamond ring just for you when you custom design with us.