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THE RING, pt 2!

How to get THE RING from your favorite jewelry designer??

It’s almost question popping time, you can feel it!!! But is he as ready as you are? Does he know where to go for the real special stuff, THE ONE wildly wonderful ring you’ve been dreaming of?! Those traditional, four-prong solitaire rings are beautiful, but they’re so not you. You know what you want to wear for the rest of your life, but you don’t want to crush him, to seem pushy, like the ring is more important than the rest. It’s not more or less important than any other decision you make together, but if he’s giving you something to wear forever, it should be a piece of jewelry you’re both in love with. So when your dream is a Melissa Tyson Design but you don’t know how to tell your partner, we have some great ideas to help you get your heart’s desire. Here’s our handy guide to make sure he knows exactly where to go!!

1. Tag! You’re it.

We urge our gals to tag their partners on @melissatysondesigns Instagram posts they love the most; subtle or not so much, guys really appreciate the direction. When he’s already nervous about popping the question, it really takes the pressure off if he knows exactly what you want. Even more direct: slip a ring into his DMs.

2. And speaking of being direct: communication is key for a healthy marriage, right?

Just dive in here and make this the first big commitment to it, telling him in certain terms what a custom Melissa Tyson ring means to you, and we promise, rather than perceiving you as pushy or materialistic, he will be relieved, light as air, thrilled to know what you want and exactly how to get it for you, his beloved.

3. Have you ever considered coming in as couple to design a ring together?

We find that when couples collaborate on a custom design, they both get more out of the experience than just a piece of jewelry. We customize every step of the process, from design elements to metals to so many different styles and ethically sourced-stones. Participating in these choices creates a deeply sentimental bond between you. Plus, this way there is also plenty that can be left to mystery and the imagination - while still knowing you’re about to say yes to something you’re going to love for the rest of your life (and he’s pretty great too, wink wink)!

Any way you want to approach it, we’re here for you.

Set up your free custom consultation! Or send us photos! We take local design appointments in the studio here in beautiful Wilmington. NC Out of towners: we can set up a FaceTime consultation!!