The Gold Recycling Process

The Gold Recycling Process

Here's what's happening in the studio on weeks 2-4 of having your engagement  ring hand crafted and custom made! 

We are recycling your gold! That's right all of our gold using in our rings is recycled gold and much of is it done right here in the studio. 

Are you having your heirloom gold from your grandma or your you mom's ring melted down into your new design. This happens the same way all of our gold is recycled. Except your's is separated and done in small batches unique to your ring. This keeps all the sentimental value true to you and your project alone. 

As far as our in house gold recycling, the process is the same just on a bigger scale. The diamonds and gemstones are all removed from the settings, all the gold is then tested and separated by karat and color. We only recycle yellow gold in the studio here, 14k or 18k yellow are fantastic for recycling. 14k white gold is quite stubborn and testy, it doesn't recycled well and often turns out with pits and other unwelcome brittleness. We send our 14k white gold and platinum to our trusted refiners that can use high temperatures and add fresh alloys into the white metals to get it to recycle successfully! (They will not keep yours separated so we do not offer heirloom recycling for 14k white gold or platinum, however we can offer you a metal credit for your scrap metal that can be applied to your custom project. 


Once all the gold is cleaned and prepped it is then put into the crucible. The crucible is a small high heat ceramic dish with a long handle that we use for melting the gold. We add a small dash of borax which acts as a cleaning agent for the gold as it begins to melt, as we use our hand torch to melt the gold. Once the gold is rolling and molten fully liquified, it is quickly poured into a steel ingot, making the gold turn into a small bar of gold!

It is then quenched in the "pickle" to remove all the firescale. 

Next comes the milling of the gold bar or tiny brick of gold. It is rolled numerous times manually throught the rolling mill. We like the old fashioned way, our rolling mill is a hand crank, a little bit of muscle and some annealed gold will get it right down to size.  Back to the bench for more annealing getting that nice cherry red color with the torch softens the gold for more passes in the rolling mill!

Rinse and Repeat. 

WE do this over and over until we get the desired shape and width for your band!

Watch this video to see how the recycling gold process happens here in the studio. 



Stay tuned, in about 2 weeks for the next part of the process....Hammering!