The Custom Design Process Begins... Now What?

The Custom Design Process Begins.... Now What?

This is how it all begins, the Custom Design Process, is just that, a process, and like all good things, crafting your ring takes time. 

The first step in the process is the diamond or gemstone selection. Based on the ring design you have selected (many of the rings are already sold and the diamonds and gemstones are one of a kind) we will source 4-6 stones that closely resemble the original ring based on carat, shape and coloring. You will get an email with photos and or videos of the diamonds/gems to choose your very own stone making it unique and special to you. This stone selection will be sent via email in 1-2 weeks after you have completed your order!

If you already selected your  Ethically Sourced Salt and Pepper Diamond, Antique Cut Diamond, Old Mine Cut Diamond or Sustainably Grown Lab Grown Diamond from one of our create your own collections, then you have already chosen your one of a kind diamond! yay! Once you diamond arrives in our studio in approx 2 weeks we will send more pictures and videos of your diamond. 

Or if you ordered a Ring from our Ready to Ship Collection, the diamond you see in the listing is yours, each of those diamonds and gemstones are unique and one of a kind! You will be receiving the exact diamond from the pictures!

This is how it all begins. Keep your eyes out for an email every two weeks or so. We will provide updates as to where we are in the custom design process.

Watch This Video to see our process come to life!



Excited to design for you and begin this process of creating the ring of your dreams!