Stacking Rings Created with Heirloom Diamonds

Have you been gifted an heirloom diamond? What a treasure! Heirloom diamonds are a wonderful way to create a stacking set.

Typically the diamonds you’ve received are multiple sizes coming from different family pieces, making your collection of diamonds all sorts of different shapes and dimensions. Creating a stacking set is the perfect way to get them out of your jewelry box and onto your hand!!

(And keep this in mind…  stacking rings are not only great for an engagement ring and wedding set, but are really fun for a right hand ring or versatile ring for daily wear. The ring world is your oyster when it comes to ways to wear a stacking ring!)

Examples of Heirloom Pieces

Below are some of the heirloom pieces we have done. Let these rings offer inspiration and ideas for what you want to do for your very own heirloom stones!

Old Mine Cut Diamond Stacking Rings

These stacking rings are great for capsular, loose fitting, right hand stacking rings. If you have multiple sizes and diamonds, this type of stacking ring is a great option. You can create a variety of width and texture from the bands, which along with your eclectic stones, will create so much interest in your stack. Extra bonus: wear one, wear two, wear them all- you get to choose!

Flitilary Ring Set

This ring was first created from a client’s original engagement ring. We turned the stone to set it east west, which gave it a fresh new look, and took the rest of the diamonds she had on her engagement ring to create the stacking ring. What is pictured above is the final piece… an heirloom set that offered our client a beautiful and new stacked look for her.

Another Option… Birthstone Stacking

If you have colored stones or would like to incorporate colored stones into your stacks, birthstones offer a colorful, sentimental way to include family members into your heirloom. We can create a ring using heirloom diamonds or gold and can add birthstones of people you love. Together, we can custom create a ring that will mean so much to you.

Let’s Recycle with… GOLD!

Another great way to create with heirloom pieces is with gold! If you have 14k yellow gold, we can recycle your gold. The Naomi Stacking Ring Set, which is pictured above, is a piece that we created with a client’s original engagement ring. We look the diamonds from her ring and some smaller diamonds from another piece she had, melted and recycled the gold of her ring, and created this beauty!

Diamond Hammered Stacking Rings

These stacking rings were also originally a customer’s heirloom diamonds that we transformed to offer her a new stacking set. The sentimental value that the diamonds held for our client was kept. In fact, value was added because now she wears them! 


Do you have an heirloom diamond you want to create with? 

Contact us today to begin the process of creating you jewelry you LOVE wearing!!