SPARKLING DETAILS | Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are classic and timeless. However many couples are looking for something different than the average Kay Jewelry Store solitaire.

A diamond that is finding its way into the limelight is the salt and pepper diamond! The term salt and pepper refers to the gorgeous inclusions inside of the diamond which can give it a bit of a galaxy look with black or white inclusions sometimes even red or gray speckles or streaks. Inclusions simply need the imperfections inside of the diamond. They give the salt and pepper diamond it’s unique character and there is not one that is exactly like another!

Most all diamonds have some type of inclusions, but they’re often small and cannot be seen with the naked eye. With the salt and pepper diamond the inclusions are large, visible giving the diamond a unique and beautiful appearance, almost like a mini masterpiece painting inside of each diamond.

A quick browse through our create your own engagement (Hyperlink this) ring section, you will notice that every salt and pepper diamond is completely unique not one is the same!

Salt and pepper Diamonds are typically rose cut, It is a style of faceting where the diamond is flat on the back and all of the facets are on the top of the diamond, so it’s slightly domed and very sparkly!

This creates the opportunity for very low profile settings which many of our customers prefer.

Salt and pepper Diamonds have the durability of a traditional brilliant cut white diamond, they are a 10 on the hardness scale. As well as being able to be set much lower than a traditional brilliant cut diamond. This makes the salt and pepper diamond perfect for the adventurous, wild at heart creative and unique types!

Salt and pepper diamonds are incredibly rare unique and valuable. However for the budget conscious couple, you can get a far larger salt and pepper diamond for your budget than you could a flawless white diamond.

Salt and pepper Diamonds have become increasingly popular as engagement rings and for every day stacking rings too. They look amazing set as a solitaire in yellow gold white gold or Rosegold. Also pairing them with tiny white diamond accents is a beautiful way to create contrast with your salt and pepper diamond engagement ring. You can see many examples of this on our salt and pepper diamond page or Engagement Ring Sets.

We love salt and pepper Diamonds here at Melissa Tyson Designs and we think that you will to each diamond as unique as your love.