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Looking for a vintage diamond? Hello, Antique Cuts!

What are Antique Cut Diamonds?

Antique cut diamonds are diamonds that originate from the 1300's to the 1900's. As they are mined and cut in this era, they offer a certain style that is different from diamond's cut today.

During the time period of antique cuts, every diamond was cut by hand. Instead of following a precise method, the diamond cutter would decide how to cut the diamond based on their own style preference, the time period, and by observing the natural contours of a diamond. The diamond, depending on the time period, fell into one of four antique cut styles: single, rose, old mine, or old European. 

Different types of Antique Cuts:

1. Single Cut

The single cut, also known as "eight cuts," has 8 crown faucets and 8 pavilion faucets. This cut has an octagonal shape and a simple design. It originates as far back as the 1300's. 

2. Rose Cut

A rose cut diamond gets its name as it looks similar to a rose budding. This cut originates in the 1500's and has anywhere from 3 to 24 triangular facets. A rose cut has a flat bottom and is domed at the top.

3. Old Mine Cut

The old mine cut originates in the 1700's. This cut has 58 faucets. With its square shaped girdle* and slightly rounded corners, the old mine cut resembles the modern cut known as cushion. 

(*A girdle is where the crown, which is the top of a diamond, and the pavilion, which is the bottom of a diamond, meet.) 

Old mine's are known for having a high crown, smaller table, and larger faucets. Below is a photo of an old mine cut ring, the Rachel, with a .70ct old mine cut diamond. 

4. Old European Cut 

Originating in the 1900's, the old European cut has a round shape to her. She is similar to the modern cut known as round brilliant; however, an old European cut has a more unique and organic shape. She has 58 elongated faucets, a high crown and larger table than an old mine cut.  

Below is photo of an old European cut diamond ring, 1.32ct. 


Old Mine vs European Cut

How does an Antique Cut differ from a modern cut? 

An antique cut diamond offers a wild, super fun cut- each diamond has its own personality and is full of history. They have a vintage beauty to them, presenting diamonds that have a soft, romantic glow. 

Due to an antique cut not following a method, there is no symmetry to their cuts. They also may resemble a shape but it won't exactly be that shape. From its lack of symmetry and precision, antique cut diamonds have less brilliance to them; a modern cut stone will have a lot more bling and sparkle.  

Are they rare? And what does that mean for you?

Antique cut diamonds are no longer being mined or cut. Every antique cut diamond that exists was created in that era. Thus, they are a rare find. Typically, antique cuts are passed down generationally. However, you can find and buy an antique cut, but as they are more rare, they will be more expensive. Their price point is impacted by its age, history, and diamond grading.  

When searching for an antique cut, it is challenging to find one with certain C gradings as the diamonds were hand cut. (A diamond is graded on four C's: cut, clarity, color, and carat. We have blogs on each of these C's to offer helpful info!) If you are wanting to have an antique cut diamond and are flexible with its grading in cut, clarity, color, and/or carat, it will be easier to find you one! 

Environmentally Friendly

As antique cut diamonds are no longer being mined or cut, they are very environmentally friendly. Selecting an antique cut diamond provides the least amount of impact, supporting the cycle of reduce, reuse, and recycle.  

So, what do you think?  

Are antique diamonds for you? If you love the vintage stone and its history, then lets find you an antique cut diamond. Reach out to us HERE to get started!