How You CAN Get an Engagement Ring UNDER 3K!!!

Are you looking for that perfect engagement ring? The one that dazzles and slides right onto your finger as if it were made just... for... YOU? 

We know the feeling, because we believe it IS made just for you! And absolutely positively great news: it can be dazzling, unique AND UNDER 3K!! 🌟

Tell me more!! 

A huge way you can save money is from your stone selection! A gorgeous white gemstone that we simply adore (although there's nothing simple about this shimmering beauty) is Moissanite!

When you purchase a Moissanite, you are getting MORE bang for you buck! Meaning... a bigger Moissanite will cost you LESS money than a diamond. Moissanite's are not (we repeat not) lesser quality than diamonds; they are a different gemstone. Moissanite's look like diamonds, and to the naked eye it is very hard to distinguish which is which, making them show stopper engagement stones.

Here are THREE examples of engagement rings that you can find for under 3K! 

(And don't forget, we can always custom design a ring for you. As moissanites are all together a less expensive stone, we can raise the bar on your customization dreams! Check out our Custom Design page here!)


#1: The Shine Bright

A 2ct round moissanite engagement ring completed with 14k yellow

gold. She is a show stopper! 


#2: The Summer Rain

A 3ct pear moissanite engagement ring. Her halo basket and 14k

yellow gold are positively remarkable! 


#3 The Ahna

A glistening 3ct oval moissanite that is wonderfully complimented by

her 14k yellow gold. Yes, please! 



Shop our Moissanite Collection now and explore all the possibilities of a ring under 3k! Hip hip hooray!