How to get THE RING from your favorite jewelry designer?

How to get THE RING from your favorite jewelry designer?

We get this question a LOT. All you beautiful gals who have been following our account, sometimes for years, heart set on that perfect ring - sometimes maybe even before you met that perfect man! You know the one, the one you’ve pinned 100 times, the one you keep sending in an Instagram DM to your sister and your bff, the one you see on your hand when you wiggle your newly-polished nails in the sunlight outside of the salon. It’s a fantasy ring for a fantastic proposal, and the closer that fantasy comes to being a reality, you begin to worry he might go to Reeds or Zale’s or even Perry’s Emporium - he’s seen the commercials! He might think he needs that rainy day guarantee.

Here’s our handy guide to make sure he doesn’t!!

1. Gossip!

A gal’s best friend. Tell your mother, his mother, your sisters, his friends. Tell your favorite co-worker, chat up your Instagram followers! Putting it out there is the first step to getting what you want. One the first places men traditionally go when they begin to shop for a ring is close friends and family, so make sure yours has all the screenshots and links they’ll need to be his happy, helpful guideposts.

2. Inspo!

During design appointments, we often ask our shoppers to share their fiancés’ Pinterest boards when they can, paying special attention to all the designs you’ve pinned, building a completely custom ring based on all your favorite themes, all your jewelry dreams!

3. Togetherness!

We find that when couples collaborate on a custom design, they both get more out of the experience than just a piece of jewelry. We customize every step of the process, from design elements to metals to so many different styles and ethically sourcedstones. Participating in these choices creates a deeply sentimental bond between you. Plus, this way there is also plenty that can be left to mystery and the imagination - while still knowing you’re about to say yes to something you’re going to love for the rest of your life (and he’s pretty great too, wink wink)!

Any way you want to approach it, we’re here for you.

Set up your free custom consultation! Or send us photos! We take local design appointments in the studio here in beautiful Wilmington. NC Out of towners: we can set up a FaceTime consultation!!