Hammering Gold

Hammering Gold 

Here we are in weeks 4-6, this is where the rings really start to take shape!

Your gold has been rolled out to the perfect size to begin the forming and shaping of the gold. We use a variety of hammered pliers, mandrels and other hand tools to get the gold to move into shape!


Any hammered textures are added at this stage of the building and we are custom fitting your settings to your diamond or gemstone. Each setting is completely unique and one of a kind fitted exactly to your diamond!

This is when it really starts to look like a ring! Even though we are only 1/2 way there! Still many things to be done. 

The custom building of jewelry is a delicate and intricate process with many steps that cannot be left out, in the creation of a piece of jewelry. Part of what makes it so special besides of course your input into the one of a kind design, it is filled with the artisan touch from start to finish!

Watch this video to see the forming process. 



Stay tuned more to come in the next 2 weeks... Final finishing!