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Find the PERFECT Diamond for Your Custom Engagement Ring!

Do you want the PERFECT diamond for your custom engagement ring?! This is where the fun begins! Read on to discover how we select a diamond you absolutely love.

Step #1

When it comes to sourcing your diamond, we start by finding out what is the most important to you. Is it prioritizing one of the C's (cut, clarity, carat or color)? Maintaining a budget? How about having a certain shape? We can hop on a FaceTime or meet in our studio if you have diamond questions or need help deciding!

Once you tell us what it is you desire, we'll call our trusted diamond vendors, who we've been working with for years, to provide us with diamond choices. Usually, we start with 4-6 diamond options. We'll send pictures and videos of them to you along with the diamond's GIA cert and the price. And then- you tell us which one you'd like!

Can you work with us if you're out of town? 

Yes!! If you are remote, we can absolutely help you select a diamond that you love! We have worked with countless clients across the country and internationally through FaceTime calls, videos, and pictures. Even though we were far from each other, our clients have still been involved in the process. 

If you are local to Wilmington, NC or willing to make your way here, once you narrow the diamond options to 2-3, we can have them sent into our studio so you can come by and look at them yourself. 

ALL of our diamonds are GIA certified!

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is an organization that is trusted to determine and grade the diamond quality. A diamond that has been graded by GIA has been rigorously examined to produce a diamond's grade in the 4 C's. This grading is essential in understanding the quality of a diamond and how it will look on your hand. Having a diamond graded with the standards of GIA is important to us, as GIA is the most trusted certification, and so, all of our diamonds are GIA certified. 

Why work with us? 

Our answer is easy... we help make the process of selecting a diamond a fun and easy one and remove any feelings of being overwhelmed. The world of diamonds is huge! But, once we're able to talk with you and hear what it is you're wanting, it really is so easy for us to find the perfect diamond for you. 

And an extra bonus? There is no pressure with us! We've heard stories from our customers who have described their diamond selecting experience as pressure-filled. They walked into a jewelry store and felt that they were being talked into something they didn't really want. That will not be your experience with us. We are here to listen to what you want and only provide you with options that will work within your desired budget.

The truth is: we're not here to entice you to spend more money! We're here to make YOUR diamond dreams become your reality! And that is our sparkly promise.


So... ready to get STARTED?!

Let's do it! It all starts with filling out our custom design form and giving us a bit of info about what kind of diamond you’re looking for. As we mentioned above, the diamond world is vast and it can be too much information for people (hello info overload) and so, let us do the heavy lifting for you! We'll offer you clarity on the whole process and answer any questions you have so you can make a powerful and confident diamond decision. 

One you select your diamond, we'll move on to our next step: custom building the ring setting of your choice.

By working with us, you will be working with an artisan that looks at diamonds everyday and can easily guide you through the process. Now THAT is a diamond game changer. 💎