Final Finishing of the Rings

Final Finishing of the Rings

The excitement is building, we are almost there!

Week 6-8 of the design process. This is when the stone setting takes place along with the final polishing and finishing. Your stone is unique, you know as you looked a many before you found the one! The diamond that speaks to your soul and brings you joy every-time you look at it! Yes that one. Each setting is built for the stone that will be set in it! The diamond will be getting a seat, as we call it, it's cut into your prongs or bezel and literally your diamond will sit in it's seat, holding it tightly into place!

Once your stone has been set we will do the final polishing or finish of your choice! Maybe it's smooth and simple, bright and shiney, hammered and rustic or soft and matte. Whatever your style is we make it just for you!

Check out this video to see the grande finale.



Stay tuned it's almost time to photograph, pack and ship your ring in the prettiest gray suede box, perfect for proposing or gifting that special person a custom ring!