Fall in love, again!

Maybe you used to be all about platinum and now you’re really feeling that rich, royal yellow gold. Or maybe that traditional solitaire no longer fits your new, bohemian lifestyle. Whether both your styles have changed, or it was secretly never really you, an anniversary upgrade is our best and favorite way to help you usher in a new era of your marriage!

An anniversary is a wonderful milestone to share, and often a great opportunity to breathe new life into that ring, so if it’s something you’ve been considering, this celebration is a perfect way to bring it up. Revitalizing your engagement ring or wedding band is an effortless reminder of all the things you’ve shared, and all that’s yet to come in a new era of your marriage! It’s becoming a family heirloom, marking the changes of your love lines.

Since we build all our rings from scratch, combining different styles, stones, and techniques, we are fluid, versatile, ready-made innovators. We can use your original diamond and build a new setting. We can recycle the gold from your band to make something more updated, we can make your original stone into a pendant! Whatever you and yours want. Sometimes we find that your husband’s rather attached to the ring he got you, and that’s wonderful! We have you both covered there, too, with an option to get a second ring to wear in alternate moods
on different days!

Set up your free custom consultation! Or send us photos! We take local design appointments in the studio here in beautiful Wilmington. NC! Out of towners: we can set up a FaceTime consultation!  Feel free to get started by filling out this form!

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