Design A Moissanite Ring

To add even more flavor to the already AMAZING Moissanite, did you know that you can custom create your Moissanite? Any shape or cut you're hoping to have as a beautiful moissanite ring, we can do!

Moissanites allow your dream rings to become your REALITY! 🌟

Here's the 4-1-1.

With Moissanites, they will always look the same because they're white stones. And so, when cutting them into unique shapes, we're confident they'll remain true in form!

This is not the same with diamonds. When cutting diamonds, we don't know how they'll remain due to variables such as undesired patterns and if there will be a pit. What makes diamonds "trixies" (which is how we say tricky around the studio🤪), is you have to pay for your diamond before it is cut. Meaning, however it turns out is yours to keep. With Moissanites, however, you pay for the moissanite before your unique cut but the final cuttings are always promisingly spectacular.  

Sooo maybe now you're dreaming into customizations and all the possibilities... permission to dream BIG granted! See our Moissanite Collection Here.

Below are some custom shapes (which refers to the Moissanite's exterior shape) and custom cuts (which refers to the Moissanite's interior cuts or faceting) that we have done here at Melissa Tyson Designs. Check these out for some inspo!


To get started on your custom Moissanite ring, click here for our Custom Designs!