Customize Your DREAM Moissanite Engagement Ring!

Here's how it all starts... by asking yourself the empowering question of: what do I want? 

When you look at your hand, do you imagine the 14k gold in rose, white, or yellow? Or is your preference the upgraded 18k gold in rose, white, or yellow? Perhaps your dream Moissanite ring is in platinum! The choice is yours!

(14k gold is 56% gold and the rest is alloyed. 18k gold is 75% gold and the rest is alloyed. What does this mean? 18k gold has a higher gold content, creating a slightly different coloring.)

Next up- the Moissanite coloring! 

Do you dream of a G-H nearly colorless or a D-F colorless Moissanite?

(The G-H Moissanite's coloring is a midrange white. It has a nice twinkle but a bit more subdued. The D-F Moissanite's coloring is an upgraded, much brighter white with quite a bit more sparkle... if you're into extra sparkles, this one is for you!)

Check out this picture- can you tell which coloring is which? The answer is at the end of the blog!

Final part of customization, your ring size! 

Tell us your ring size, the perfect fit for YOU!  

Why Customizations?

We believe Moissanite customizations add the extra sprinkles to the process because the final touches matter! Just like icing on cake is a chef's kiss, what you decide as your "icing" will complete your engagement ring, adding that yummy flavor and savoring beauty! (Dare we say bon appetit.🤩) 

Here are some of our most unique Moissanite engagement rings! Click on the ones you adore and start your customizations! Or Click Here for the Full Moissanite Collection!

If you are interested in a different finish (brush, hammered, or smooth) or if you're desiring a full customization, please fill out our Custom Design Form for one of a kind possibilities!!

(PS: The top Moissanite was D-F and the bottom Moissanite was G-H. Click this photo for a shimmery video!💎)