Best Selling Salt and Pepper Diamonds!

Did you know that every Salt and Pepper Diamond is one of a kind?

It's true! Salt and Pepper Diamonds are naturally created with inclusions and color markings that make them each different. No two Salt and Pepper Diamonds are the same.

Carbon Inclusions

Salt and Pepper Diamonds have carbon inclusions, which are carbon black specks, within the diamond. These inclusions make Salt and Pepper Diamonds most desirable because they emphasize the characteristics of the diamond and highlight their beauty... it's like having a little painting of a masterpiece right on your hand. 

Some of the inclusions look like speckles of a robin’s egg, others like big splotches of ink, and then some like a squiggle from a crack within a rock. 

Translucency & Pricing

Pricing is based on translucency. The more opaque the diamond is, and the more solid gray, the less expensive the Salt and Pepper Diamond is going to be. The more translucent it is, meaning the more you start to see through the diamond, the higher in price it goes because it gets closer to a brilliant white diamond. The pricing of a Salt and Pepper Diamond it is not graded on the same scale as a certified GIA diamond; rather, it is priced on its translucency.

Rose Cut

Most of the time, Salt and Pepper Diamonds are going to be rose cut- flat on the back with all of the faceting on top of the diamond. With a lower profile and more shallow diamond, this allows you to see the Salt and Pepper Diamonds patterning much easier. Additionally, the larger the surface area is, the easer it is to see the beauty within the diamond.

Occasionally, you can get a Salt and Pepper Diamond in a full cut diamond (a brilliant cut) you just don't see these as often as a rose cut.


As mentioned, Salt and Pepper Diamonds range in color. Here are some color names that refer to Salt and Pepper Diamonds: milky, icy, galaxy, cognac, champagne, reds, highly translucent, earthy, fancy color and rustic. 

YOU in a ring!

Because of all of these unique characteristic, Salt and Pepper Diamonds allow you to choose the stone that mirrors your personality. Looking at their cut, shape, color, and patterns, you can find the one that best says you in a ring!


A 2ct Pear Salt and Pepper Diamond. She is absolutely stunning with her beautiful pattern, translucency, and very light, greenish gray undertone.



A 2ct Elongated Hexagon Salt & Pepper Diamond. She is icy from her highly translucent, milky white diamond with black inclusions similar to tiny drops of ink.  



A 1.5ct Emerald Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond, she is nothing shy of extraordinary. Her natural, earthy colors gleam with deep glowing red and radiate with amber colors in natural light.


So, which one is it? The one that's the most YOU?

We continuously have a great variety of Salt and Pepper Diamonds in our ready to ship collection! Check them out here!