3 Reasons Moissanites are Heirloom Quality!

Engagement rings are an investment, we totaaaally agree. Of course, the cost depends on what you're wanting (and HOLLA you can find a BIGGER Moissanite for LESS money), but hear us when we say: we understand. And with that understanding, we are here to chat about the benefits of choosing the lovely Moissanite as your engagement stone!! 

Moissanites are heirloom quality for many reasons! Let's chat about 3.😍

#1: Timeless

Moissanites are timeless! As white engagement stones, they embody the classic engagement ring style that has been adored and worn for generations & generations. White engagement stones do not ebb and flow, they are continually the TOP trend for engagement rings. Choosing a Moissanite will be beautiful today until forever!

(Psst: Moissanite's also have a DOUBLE refraction so not only are they classically beautiful, but bouncing with double sparkle when light hits it.) 


Tess | Moissanite Oval Engagement Ring


#2 Durable

With a whopping 9.25 on the Mohs Scales of Hardness, Moissanites are not prone to scratches, chipping, or breaking. They are STRONG stones that are ready to take on the day to day! A Moissanite will hold its integrity throughout the years. Yes, we hear it too: it's music to the ears. 


Giana | Pear Moissanite Engagement Ring


And finally.. #3 (and perhaps the most important!!) Sentimental Value 

Moissanites will always hold their sentimental value. From one wearer to the other, the Moissanite engagement ring that you chose will be overflowing with memories, passion, testimony, resilience, adventure, and the beauty of you and yours. This is a stone you can pass on to your son or daughter for generations to come... a stone abundant with precious value! 



Alivia | Pear Moissanite Engagement Ring Thin Round Band


Moissanites are exquisite. We can't say that enough. If you're wondering how you can find a BIGGER Moissanite for LESS money, checkout our blog "How you CAN get an engagement ring UNDER 3K!!"

Anna Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Set | Moissanite and Stacking Diamond Engagement Ring Set


Cheers to bringing your love story to life- for generations and generations!