Amy | Swallowtail Design Collection

Amy | Swallowtail Design Collection


The Amy Engagement Ring is a fabulously unique, hand-formed, free-flowing design feature four unbelievable diamonds. The largest stone is a .70 carat oval, 6x4mm and GIA certified as Si2 color H. The other stones, studding the beautiful, open, curving gold band are 2.5mm, 2.25mm, and 2mm rounds, respectively. All the diamonds are wrapped in gold bezels and set on 14k recycled gold. This hand-sculpted piece is a dramatic 15mm on top, but tapers to a very wearable 4mm on the underside of the ring. Organically inspired, the Amy is meant for nature lovers and city dwellers alike! 

Organic Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Split Band

4 conflict free diamonds 

oval 0.70ct 6x4mm Si2 color H GIA certification included

round 2.5mm, 2.25mm and 2mm diamonds 

14k recycled gold split band hand sculpted 

overall width front 15mm tapering back to 4mm underneath

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