Geometric | Gray Diamond Collection

Geometric | Gray Diamond Collection


Dark, dreamy, mysterious and futuristic: the Geometric Gray Diamond Engagement Ring is a jolt to the system, a leap into the next hundred years together and more. A stunning soft, medium gray fancy-cut diamond features, in a low profile four-prong setting as its perfect complement. This lustrous, 2 carat diamond’s dusky hues are electrified by the shot of gold surrounding it; the slim and lovely 1.7mm gold band is lightly textured to enhance shine and shimmer. Each element of this piece works so beautifully together, it is like modern engineering, and yet, the simple geometry of it is like something out of an ancient map, a diagram of the skies, thrilling and new, and threaded with gold.

Geometric Gray Diamond Engagement Ring

Beuautiful soft medium gray geometric fancy cut diamond


low profile 4 prong setting

lightly textured 1.7x1.25mm band

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