Resources | Our Favorite Tools!

Want to know all of the fab resources and tools we use that help us in our business and life every day? 

Well you're in luck because here's a complete layout of our favorite things we swear by!
Just so you know, we may make a small commission when you get some of these products. With that being said, that doesn't impact our honest opinion because we only recommend products that we trust!



An amazing software to preschedule your pins on Pinterest. Such a huge time saver and you can plan out our pins for months in advance. And with their tribes, other people in your niche will share your post to their people!


An apprentice online that wants to sharpen their online, business skills and help you 10/hrs per week. It's a win, win. 


We love Pinterest and running ads is a great way to get in front of all new people!

Biz Credit Card

This maybe my most favorite of all. Do you use a points credit card to run all your biz expenses. If not, you are missing out. The Marriot Bonvoy card is my favorite ever....We travel all the time and stay for free on points!! All work and no play is for the birds. We love the European motto "Work to Live, do not Live to Work"


What are your favorite apps to make your business life easier? Send me your favorites, and your referral links, to! I'm always looking for ways to make life better and easier!