Seline | Moissanite Collection

Seline | Moissanite Collection

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The Seline Ring’s singular beauty is absolutely heaven-sent! Starring a large, oval-cut moissanite stone, the Seline has an airy, enlightening quality that sparkles in every space. Basket-set on slender thread of 1.5mm hand-hammered gold, the 4.2 carat Old Mine Cut moissanite really stands out and stuns. Warm, recycled yellow gold is a lovely, celestial contrast to the cool stone, like clear blue days in the meadow, where breezy clouds rub past the cheerful, shining sun, everything calm and perfect, yet a hint of mischief on the wind.

4.2 ct Oval Moissanite Old Mine Cut Engagement Ring

14k yellow recycled gold

basket setting 11x9mm

Thin hammered 1.5mm 14k yellow gold band

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