Seline | Moissanite Collection

Seline | Moissanite Collection


The Seline Moissanite Engagement ring is paired with the loveliest tiara-style 14k gold wedding band. The nearly colorless stone has an otherworldly sparkle.

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Like a shooting star streaking across a lush dark sky, the Seline Moissanite and Diamond Engagement Ring set is an incredible, unmissable event. A stunning, staggering 4.2 carat moissanite sits on a hammered 14k gold band, its light-catching texture echoing the shimmer and shine of this 11x9mm, custom-cut oval stone. The nearly colorless stone has an otherworldly sparkle; this ring draws you in, a house of mirrors, each one reflecting the lovely and uncommon character of this marriage, this love, this life. The Seline Engagement ring is paired with the prettiest, loveliest tiara-style wedding band, its soft curve of 14k gold studded with seven small sparkling diamonds, a row of stars, winking at you both, a shared smile, every day and night, for as long as you both shall live.

Seline Engagement Ring Set

  • Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring & Curved Diamond Wedding Band

  • 11x9mm Oval 4.2ct Custom Cut Moissanite Nearly Colorless

  • Hammered 14k Gold Band

  • Tiara Curved 7 Diamond Wedding Band 14k Gold