Whispering | Hammered Engagement Collection

Whispering | Hammered Engagement Collection


Fall in love with the warm glimmer of rudilated quartz, such an exciting stone, reflecting different shapes and tones in every light. The Whispering Ring features a fabulous 1 carat, 6mm round, framed in a hand-hammered halo setting on shimmering 14k white gold. Our white gold is always in its natural state, non rhodium-plated, so its color deepens beautifully over time. The band is 1.5mm, lightweight on the hand and easy to wear, forever ever and ever, amen!

Rutilated Quartz Engagement Ring 14k White Gold Hammered Halo

1ct Round Rutilated Quartz 6mm 

14k White Gold (in it's natural state, No rhodium plating)

Hammered Halo on a 1.5mm band


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