Genavive | Hammered Engagement Collection

Genavive | Hammered Engagement Collection


This absolutely stunning, one-of-a-kind, five diamond engagement ring is something straight out of Arthurian legend! A fairy tale come true, this handmade beauty is thoughtfully formed with 18k recycled royal gold. Each sparkling gray, rose-cut diamond is carefully considered until the perfect shape and ultimate fit is reached. A rectangular 1carat diamond is the focal point of this piece, flocked on each side by two .25 carat pear-shaped diamonds and two 2mm round diamonds. The deep gray stones set in rich, rustic bezels make an impression that will last a lifetime.

18kt Recycled Royal Yellow Gold
Rose Cut Gray 5 Diamond Engagement Ring
Rectangle Diamond 1ct
Two pear diamonds 1/4 ct each
Two round diamonds 2mm each

A great Eco-friendly, conflict-free alternative diamond for your engagement ring. I love using high karat golds, they are so rich and look like ancient royalty.

This Ring is approx 7mm wide on top and 3mm on the bottom of the band. It's very comfortable for everyday wear.


This Ring is Ready to ship size 7


Please contact me for available diamond options as each is one of a kind! I can create something very similar to this one.


Pairs beautifully with the thick or thin hammered 18k wedding bands.

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