Summer Bouquet | Cluster Gemstone Ring

Summer Bouquet | Cluster Gemstone Ring


Who needs flowers when you’re wearing the Summer Bouquet Ring! The colors of this arrangement herald summer, autumn, into next year and the one beyond! The anchor of this ring is a deep grey, 4mm, rose-cut diamond, surrounded by lolite, pink sapphire, and two, 2mm diamonds, one white, one champagne. Each stone is wrapped in a lightly hammered bezel, offset by a sunny, radiant 14k yellow gold band, also hammered for glint and gleam. The thin 1.25mm band is comfortable for everyday, and wont interfere when you’re holding flowers, or someone’s hand.

14k recycled yellow gold
Cluster RIng, all hammered, bezel set, on top of a lightly hammered 1.25mm band.

* 6x4mm Iolite
* 4mm Grey Diamond, rose-cut
* 2.5mm Pink Sapphire
* 2mm White Diamond
* 2mm Champagne Diamond

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