Keira | Raw Aqua Gemstone Ring

Keira | Raw Aqua Gemstone Ring


For those ready to take the plunge, dive into the lovely depths of cool blue neon apatite and refreshing light green chrysoprase! Each hand-crafted ring begins with the individual raw apatite, and formed thoughtfully and organically until the union of stone and metal make perfect sense. For this flowing, organic style, the stones are set in smooth 18k royal yellow gold bezels, and soldered to a 4mm halfround sterling silver band with lovely matte finish.

18kt Gold & Sterling Silver Organic
Raw Aqua Gemstone Ring


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This Neon Apatite is Raw and Glowing in its rough form wrapped in an 18kt Royal Yellow Gold bezel and soldered into a Sterling Silver band. With two light green chrysoprase raw stones also bezeled in 18k on each side.

Organic beauty. Conflict free Gemstone is perfect for the Eco Friendly Bride to be. Or just a fun ring to brighten up any outfit or your day!

The band is 4mm wide and half round with a matte finish. And the Gold bezel has a smooth matte finish

These Rings I hand craft from scratch. Usually I start with the stone and hold it, look at the shape and dream up a design. I keep playing until the perfect union of metal and gem converge.


The band is 4mm wide

Neon Apatite Stone approx 8x6mm

Chrysoprase 3mm each

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