Ancient Gray | Gray Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Ancient Gray | Gray Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


This one-of-a-kind, rose-cut gray diamond stuns at 2 carats, measuring 12.25mm x 13.75mm. It is a rustic, low-profile pear-shaped stone set fully in a lightly textured, 18k recycled yellow gold bezel. The height of the stone and the lovely thin 2mm gold half- rounded band both make this ring incredibly comfortable for everyday wear, while the rose-cut brings out the natural sparkle in the stone. This ring is a marvel in any light.

Gray Rose Cut Diamond
2mm Half Round Recycled Gold
18karat royal yellow gold setting. It sparkles a one if a kind diamond at 1.80 carats a stunning beauty. it is huge. Measuring 12.25mm x 13.75mm.

A great Eco friendly conflict free alternative diamond for your engagement ring. I lovey using different color metals in this case different color golds to create contrast in the piece.

This Ring is approx 1/2inch wide on top with a thin 2mm half round on the bottom of the band. It's very comfortable for everyday wear.

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