Gray Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Gray Oval Diamond Engagement Ring


The Gray Oval Diamond Engagement Ring is a meteor, a celestial event, a shining moment plucked out of a dark sky! Romantic, deep and dark with meaning, and promise, and purpose: this ring was absolutely written in the stars. This large and lovely dark gray diamond is rose-cut, 1.75 carat and 7x5.5mm, set in a hand-hammered halo basket that seems heaven-sent. The slim and delicate 14k gold, 1.25mm band also has a lightly hand-hammered shine, gold and gray a perfect pair, a sun and moon, forever balanced, no matter the tide.

Gray Oval Diamond Engagement ring

Dark Gray Oval Rose Cut Diamond 7x5.5mm 1.75ct

Hammered Halo Basket Setting 14k gold

1.25mm hammered band

complimentary ring sizing

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