Fluttering Engagement Ring Set

Fluttering Engagement Ring Set


There is something very feminine and fetching about the Fluttering Engagement Ring you can’t quite catch; like the wind lifting flower petals and feathering your hair. A lovely .46 carat marquis-cut diamond wrapped in a hand-hammered 14 karat gold halo is held securely with gold prongs on a slender 1.5mm hammered gold band. The Fluttering Ring has a breezy and uncommon quality that feels like fresh winds, new horizons, something special in the air.

Marquise Diamond Hammered Halo Engagement Ring 14k Yellow Recycled Gold

.46ct Marquise Diamond i1 color f

Nearly 1/2 ct Marquise Diamond set east west in this hammered halo setting 4 prongs on a 1.5mm hammered band 14k yellow recycled gold

along with Hammered curved fitting wedding band 1.25mm

two ring set

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