*Swallowtail | Moissonite Engagement Ring

*Swallowtail | Moissonite Engagement Ring


Created from my love for butterflies.  The Swallowtail a beautiful large wing butterfly with graceful marks. The Swallowtail brings the details of the wings to life. A beautiful sweeping open design. Very comfortable to wear as it tapers back to a mere 5mm. 


14k recycled yellow gold 

14k bezel set 6mm moissonite 

14mm on front tapering to 5mm on back

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Flowing lines arc their way around your finger with the ever so lovely Swallowtail engagement ring. Fashioned after the detail in a Swallowtail butterfly wing, the tiny details brought to life. The 1/2 round bands in 14k recycled gold sweep around in various widths. Each one is handcrafted and I move the gold until I find the perfect composition. Then set a beautiful and sparkling 1ct Moissonite a man made diamond alternative in a bezel setting.  Perfect for the free spirited bride who loves spontaneous adventure and the creativity.


14k recycled yellow gold 13mm x 5mm

1 ct Moissonite 6mm certified